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Medical  Regenerative Team RI Best Self Portsmouth RI

Sheila G. Seyster MSN CNM APRN 

Is considered one of the area’s leading experts in Bioidentical Hormone Optimization. 

Martin Miner MD 

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Urology

Former Co-Director and Founder Men’s Health Center The Miriam Hospital

Alexandra Rego RN BSN 

Brings a wealth of experience to RI BEST Self. 

She has extensive inpatient training in medical surgical nursing.

Our Mission

RI Best Self Portsmouth RI mission statement

At RI Best Self our mission is to provide  exceptional, high quality care through unmatched customer service. It is  our belief that each person is far more than a set of symptoms and that  health is more than the absence of disease.  We are caring  providers who will spend quality time getting to know our patients. 

We  believe optimal wellness requires focusing on the whole person while  addressing the root cause. Guided by scientific evidence based  literature and the latest cutting edge technology we will treat,  educate and empower you to live your best life.  This personalized  approach is key to treating the individual.  Re-balancing the patients  own physiological system can cure or delay the onset of many age related  disease processes.


Sheila Seyster RI Best Self Portsmouth RI

 As a women’s healthcare provider I was educated using the traditional medical model believing that hormone therapy was unsafe. I was taught it should be prescribed for symptoms (only if absolutely necessary) at the lowest possible dose for the shortest amount of time. After years of suffering with terrible PMS and peri-menopausal symptoms it was now my turn to experience what all my patients had tried to prepare me for – MENOPAUSE! I thought surely there had to be some element of exaggeration on their part. It couldn’t possibly be that bad. I could not have been more wrong. I now clearly ...

TESTIMONIALS - Here’s What Other People Think Of Our Service

November 30, 2018

I am more than pleased to be able to write a testimonial for Sheila Seyster at Rhode Island Best Self. 

After literally years of horrendous and unyielding menopausal symptoms, I was literally at my wits end. We moved to Portsmouth during the summer of 2018 and it must have been fate because I literally found out about Sheila while walking my dogs in the woods. It was 30 degrees outside and I was in shorts and a t-shirt with my jacket tied around my waist – too hot and uncomfortable to dress like a normal person. A woman noticed me and we began walking together and chatting. She told me that she had some fantastic success after meeting with Sheila. As a matter of fact, the woman said and I quote, “Sheila saved my life – and my marriage!!”  That was enough for me. I called and set up an appointment the next day.

My symptoms included hot flashes (day and night), night sweats, inability to sleep, moodiness, low energy and sadly for me (and my new husband), zero libido. My quality of life, shall we say, was BAD. After discussing my problems with my former OB/GYN, she had put me on an anti-depressant because she said she’d had some good results with other patients going through the same thing as me. Unfortunately after trying that for a year, I was still totally miserable. And quite hopeless.

Enter Sheila Seyster. When I called the office, Sheila answered the phone herself and spent probably 20 minutes getting some background info on my situation. When I came in for my initial consultation, Sheila asked me a lot of questions and to my absolute surprise, told me that there was help for me. She could practically guarantee it. I went home and spoke with my husband, looked over the literature, and did a little Googling just for good measure. To be honest, I really did not need to do any of that stuff. I was going to try this pellet because I believed in Sheila, her expertise and at this point, what did I have to lose? The thought of living my life like this indefinitely was enough to bring me to tears. 

In a nutshell, I had some labs done and then went over the results with Sheila. She told me about all my levels and gave me a ton of good information on my current physical health. I liked that Sheila spent so much time with me and I felt like suddenly I was not alone anymore. Having the pellet inserted was really no big deal and after a day or two of mild discomfort, I forgot all about it. And then less than two weeks later I was like a new person. It was truly like a miracle.

At this point I can’t remember the last time I had a hot flash. I sleep solidly every night and now that I am rested, I have energy during the day. My mood has improved and I’m not constantly on edge like before. To my complete shock, my libido has returned and I feel like I’m in my 20s again (ok, 30s!) It’s just so good to feel normal again. I have experienced zero negative side effects. 

I’d highly recommend anyone dealing with post-menopausal issues to have a consult with Sheila. I’m thankful to that woman I met in the woods who took pity on my and my half-clothed body! Do yourself a favor and make the call. Life does not have to be so difficult. And we all deserve to feel good! 

Jennifer Shepherd

Portsmouth, RI

Sheila is a World Changer! 

My  first experiences with her started 10 years ago just prior to the birth  of my second child. Sheila is extremely detail oriented. She spends the  time to get to know you and what your symptoms are so she can better  determine what course of action needs to be taken.  She leaves no leaf  unturned and will make sure the proper tests are done in order to  optimize all options for the best possible results. 

Sheila  is caring, kind and loyal. She takes the time to explain everything to  the fullest and if she doesn't have the answer, she will direct me to  the person who does. 

A few years ago I found  myself trying to understanding why my body was so tired. This is  something I've struggled with for most of my life. I'm the kind of  person who is always on the go....Sheila walked me through the process  and helped me identify exactly what was causing me to have unnecessary  stress and weakness through my body.

 Sheila  found that my hormones were not at optimal levels for my body to produce  what it needed to be strong and to sustain my active life style. 

Sheila  has watched me closely over the past few years. She developed the plan  and then by utilizing bioidentical hormones within a couple of months of  treatment..My life changed forever..

I will say  whole heartedly Sheila is blessing to anyone who will give her the  opportunity to see them through their Journey. She brings light into a  very dark world. 

Irene Raposa 

I  wanted to let people know how pleased I am that we have an experienced  medical professional in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement  therapy (BHRT). I have personally and professionally been involved in  this field for quite some time and I have never found anyone who is as  knowledgeable as Sheila Seyster, APRN. She has been trained specifically  in this field and continues to be on the cutting edge of this important  therapy.  Her integrity and passion for this field is evident. Her  follow up is excellent  and her individual care is impeccable.  She has  helped numerous people restore their health and wellness and move into  aging feeling better than they have in years.  I would highly recommend  seeing Sheila to find out how you can live a healthier more vibrant  life! 

- Ellen Scobie

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