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Regenerate your body at the cellular level! Use your own blood and growth factors to stimulate new tissue growth with PRP Therapy.

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been in use for years as a regenerative therapy. It promotes long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions with little-to-no possibility of allergic reaction and no risk of transmissible infection!  Celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Angelina Jolie, Kobe Bryant, and Kim Kardashian have all been known to use PRP therapy for healing as well as beauty; but why should this science be reserved only for celebrities?  We don’t believe it should be!

How PRP Works

When you have an injury to your soft tissue, your body naturally sends platelets to the area to start the wound healing process. To create platelet rich plasma we begin by drawing your blood. Your blood is then spun down in an FDA approved centrifuge that separates the plasma and platelets from the whole blood. A second spin results in highly concentrated platelet rich plasma. These concentrated platelets release growth factors that increase the production of collagen, stimulate cellular regeneration, and accelerate tissue repair resulting in more useful tissue. Because PRP therapy uses your own blood, there is no possibility of allergic reaction. 

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PRP Regenerative Medicine RI Best Self Portsmouth RI Regenerative Medicine

There are literally thousands of studies on the safety and efficacy  of PRP and its use in a variety of medical treatments with no reported  side effects. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list in our online library.

For More Information go to this site: PRP Science

A Pilot Study of the Effect of  Localized Injections of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the  Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction 

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