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Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Sheila G. Seyster MSN CNM APRN is considered one of the area’s leading experts in Bioidentical Hormone Optimization. 


Sheila has undergone extensive training in treating, monitoring and balancing hormone levels. She specializes in all aspects of sexual health and wellness including the latest cutting edge field of regenerative medicine using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy to help treat Erectile Dysfunction. She is a certified provider for The Cellular Medicine Association offering The O-Shot®, The Priapus Shot®, Vampire Facial® and more. 

Sheila is one of a handful of providers in our area with extensive knowledge and clinical experience offering Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. She received her certificate of training from Dr. Richard Gaines and has performed countless treatments with successful outcomes using the FDA cleared Swiss-built Storz.

Sheila is a certified Allergan Epic Injector offering Botox® and the Juvederm® family of fillers. Her artistic eye combined with a less is more approach will leave you looking like a renewed version of yourself. She also offers Microneedling using the FDA cleared SkinPen combined with Platelet Rich Plasma for an optimal outcome. 

Sheila is committed to empowering her patients to live their best life. Although aging isn't optional - OPTIMAL Aging is. 

DR Martin Miner RI Best Self Portsmouth RI Regenerative Medicine

Martin Miner, MD

Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Urology

Former Co-Director and Founder Men’s Health Center The Miriam Hospital

Have  an evaluation by an academic leader in Men’s Health and Andrology with  over 30-years experience. Present and former Board member of the  American Society of Men’s Health (ex-President); the Sexual Medicine  Society of North America; and the Andrology Society. Author of 150+  peer-reviewed publications. A member of the American Urology Association  and a member of American Urology Association Guidelines on Erectile  Dysfunction; Peyronie’s Disease; and Testosterone Deficiency. Awarded  Massachusetts’s Medical Society’s Most Significant Contribution in Men’s  Health 2012. A recipient of Brown University’s Medical School’s Teacher  of the Year award in 2003 and 2007. Founder and Co-Director of the  Men’s Health Center at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI in 2008. 

Are you happy with your aging? Do you feel more tired  than ever before and unhappy with the way you feel? Dissatisfied with  your choices of food and sleep habits. Less desire for those activities  that previously made you pleased? Feeling older and aching more? 

Are you dissatisfied with your sexual performance? Are you not as eager to make love or not lasting as long as you would wish?

Many men cannot speak of these concerns. Many have no  place to safely discuss these worries, yet, they occupy much of our  daily thinking. They impact our families, our relationships with our  spouses and children. And they impact our work performance. Mostly, in a  negative fashion. We feel poorly about ourselves, and unable to break  out of this negative thinking. 

Dr. Martin Miner is a national leader in the field of  male sexual health and preventative heart health. He can help with these  difficult subjects with both concrete recommendations with lifestyle,  medical, and psychological help to get you feeling yourself again. 

“I understand men. I have been treating men for over 3  decades as a professor of family medicine and urology as an astute and  compassionate physician. I can discuss all topics you may feel awkward  raising with your doctor. That is my strength. To articulate what men  find difficult to speak of. ”

The following are just a few of the topics and problems I care for:

  • Erectile dysfunction: is it a marker of future cardiovascular disease?
  • Testosterone deficiency: what is the cause in most men, and is it reversible?
  • If I must use testosterone therapy, am I at greater risk for heart disease or stroke? 
  • Is the risk of low T a greater risk to my health than the risk of testosterone therapy itself?
  • My blood glucose and blood pressure are both elevated? How do I lower these and are they related to my testosterone levels?

Alexandra Rego RI Best Self Portsmouth RI Regenerative Medicine

Alexandra Rego RN BSN

Sheila Seyster MSN CNM APRN

Alexandra Rego RN BSN

RN, BSN brings a wealth of experience to RI BEST Self. 

She has extensive inpatient training in medical surgical nursing.

For the past  five years , she has been specializing in Men’s Health: evaluating,  assessing and providing treatment for all types of male sexual  disorders, including those of desire (testosterone deficiency),  disorders of ejaculation, Peyronie’s, and erectile dysfunction.   Alexandra has counseled both patients and providers on survivorship  issues following prostate cancer and works with patients to educate on  penile rehabilitation post-prostatectomy. In addition, she provides  education on psychological aspects of male sexual dysfunction including  performance anxiety. 

Alexandra is compassionate and dedicated to providing  exceptional care to patients who are dealing with sensitive issues  regarding health, wellness, and sexuality.

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